The SMS Gateway API service allows you to turn your android phone into an SMS gateway. Through this SMS gateway, you can send SMS, one-time SMS, one-time passwords, set up two-factor authentication via SMS, and more. Below I will list the general functionality 1. — outgoing sms — 2. incoming sms.
Why do you need an SMS gateway.

SMS gateway is a method of sending a text message with or without a mobile (mobile) phone. In particular, it is a device or service that offers SMS transit that transforms messages.
SMS or short message system was developed back in the eighties, but really replaced pagers with the advent of mobile phones. SMS is an intermediary between a provider of telecommunications services and Internet systems.
The success of modern companies, regardless of the nature of their activities, directly depends on the quality of their interaction with customers. In conditions of fierce competition and oversaturation of the market with a variety of goods.

This plugin allows you to send SMS messages directly from the WordPress backend or through the programmer API.

Also included is a free and easy-to-use two-factor security feature that strengthens your site’s security significantly.

All you need is a plugin and a free GatewayAPI account.

To send such SMS you need the Internet, and if you have it, you can organize correspondence more conveniently and cheaper. So, consumer value is present here as well. Sending SMS on your own behalf or company name.

Add custom data to merge recipients.
Import recipient lists from CSV / Excel.
Group the recipients. Mass mailing.
Easy to use programmer API.
Abbreviated codes for registration / unsubscribe / edit profile forms.
Let’s say you need delivery at 10:00 Moscow time, then when sending SMS, you need to add the set_aside_time parameter (delayed sending parameter).
SMS messages are converted to email messages or HTTP requests and vice versa.


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