Today VR technologies are relatively young, but, nevertheless, an extremely widespread and actively developing area. VR shooting is used in a variety of areas and directions. These include not only the entertainment industry, but also the film industry, and even such an important and serious direction as medicine. If you want to learn more about the topic, then there is a lot of information about professional shooting in 360 AND VR format on the site today’s article, we will briefly talk about how virtual reality is conquering real, in which directions modern shooting technologies are currently being used.How is VR technology conquering familiar human reality?The head of Qualcomm Corporation, which produces chips for mobile devices, recently issued a verdict. The head of the corporation announced that in just a few years, virtual reality technologies will begin to replace smartphones and other gadgets. Of course, these are just assumptions, but it is absolutely possible to assert that modern technologies are becoming an important part of many spheres of society.In addition, many global telecom operators are also striving to keep up with emerging technologies. Today, the direction of development of 5G content is becoming relevant, which is increasingly attracting users.If we talk about the use of virtual reality technologies in our life, then users can meet with this direction even when carrying out ordinary household tasks — for example, buying shoes in online stores. For example, some platforms offer customers the opportunity to “try on” a pair of shoes they like right on their feet in virtual reality. To do this, you just need to choose a pair of shoes, point the camera of your gadget at your foot, and you can see how the sneakers will look on your foot.The same can be done, for example, with upholstered furniture. IKEA, Leroy Merlin and several other stores offer a similar option to potential customers. It is very convenient and practical, because you can see firsthand how this or that piece of furniture will look in the interior of your apartment, where it is best to put it, what color to choose.


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